Sounding off…

Dear Friends,

I am in the process of moving some of my blogs on Google + to this website which will be the new central location for my work.

Constant improvements are being made to the site. For instance, you can listen to or read the Bible in many versions right here with the free You Version Bible App.

Also, there are links to Christian businesses such as , Family Christian Store and Dayspring Christian Store who fully deserve the support of the Christian community.

No, I am NOT becoming a commercial enterprise that exists for the purpose of extracting money from you. The works found on this website that are authored by me are free of charge to anyone who will take the time to read and to seek the Lord.

Jesus is the true Author and Giver of Life. It is by His Spirit that He freely gifts His people for the building up His body, the church. So, receiving a gift and reselling is just not my cup of tea. That would be highly impolite and an insult to the Giver.

However, in full disclosure, the links to the Christian businesses found here will provide a small percentage back for any purchase that you may make while visiting these businesses via the links. Any amounts that come back will be used solely and entirely to reach those who are seeking to know the Truth that will set them free.

Please leave comments to the posts as I do value the contact. Knowing that I am impacting you in a positive way is my motivation to continue this work.

God bless!

Pastor Charles…

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